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Created: 5/13/2003    Updated: 9/30/2017 
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Q   How do I contact
A   Showroom:

We do NOT have a showroom and do NOT offer in-store pick-up. All orders are submitted online, and all orders are shipped.

Payment* (not for returns):
2211 Norfolk Street
Suite 603
Houston, TX 77098

*Most orders are placed online with a credit card. But if paying by check, money order, or cashiers check, please send payment to the address above. Payment by regular check will delay your order by approximately 3 weeks.

Purchase Orders (PDF only) (please read instructions first):

Tax Exemption Form (PDF only) (for orders shipping to a Texas address):

Images (no Microsoft Word documents):

Layout (no Microsoft Word documents):

Returns:  Please read return policy.

Phone, Fax, and Snail Mail Orders:

We do not accept phone, fax, or snail mail orders.

Other Questions, Suggestions, Comments, or Requests:

(in cases of already-submitted orders, please include order # in subject)

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