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Created: 12/31/2012    Updated: 9/13/2013 
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Q   Does collect U.S. state sales tax?
A   We collect U.S. state sales tax only for orders shipping to a Texas address.

If you are shipping to a Texas address, and are tax exempt, then please fill in, sign, and provide to us a Texas Sales And Use Tax Exemption Certification (PDF). Please use the SECOND form.

We cannot accept substitute forms.

For more information, please see Texas Sales Tax FAQS (located at web site for Office of the Texas Comptroller).

Be sure the information you enter on the tax form matches the information you provided during checkout (name of company, etc.).

Fill in all the fields on the tax form, including:

- Seller:

- Street address: 2930 Chimney Rock Rd, #200

- City, State, ZIP code: Houston, TX 77056

Be sure to sign the tax form.

Please scan/email (PDF only) your filled-in and signed tax exemption form to . . .

If you request a tax exemption for an order shipping to a Texas address, then please keep in mind that your order will be on hold, and the production clock will not start, until we receive your tax form.

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