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Created: 10/13/2003    Updated: 4/11/2008 
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Q   What is Airflyte?
A   Airflyte is America’s favorite recognition award. Since the introduction of the first Airflyte plaque in 1985, Airflyte has been the leader in the field of corporate recognition.

Airflyte plaques and wall clocks are produced from solid American walnut or cherry wood, and feature solid brass engraving plates.

Airflyte desk clocks feature contemporary styling and high quality materials -- making them appropriate for use in offices or homes. Airflyte desk clocks have quartz movements and are guaranteed for life. Each clock comes with an engraving plate for personalization. All Airflyte desk clocks are shipped with batteries.

The newest members of the Airflyte family are acrylic awards . Hand-polished, cast acrylic awards are the hottest recognition awards introduced in years. All acrylic awards can be engraved with logos or artwork to fit any recognition program.

Airflyte pens, gifts, and accessories can be personalized with a name, logo, or corporate message. Many companies use these products to promote new programs, commemorate important dates, or as self-promotions.

All Airflyte products can be personalized to your specifications and are packaged in individual presentation boxes.

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