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Created: 3/2/2011    Updated: 4/14/2014 
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Q   What are your minimum order requirements?
A   The minimum order requirement depends on the product purchased.

Products with IDs starting with "A-" do not require any minimum. However, during checkout, if the subtotal for the entire order is under $40, then a $7.50 handling fee is applied, instead of the usual $2.00 handling fee.

For any custom order (for example, your name or logo on the product), there is a minimum order requirement of at least $150 worth of ANY products in your cart before checkout.

For minimum order requirements for specific products, please see the product detail page for the product you are considering.

The only exception to a minimum order requirement is for a follow-up order, in which case the minimum order requirement is reduced to $25.00. For an order to qualify as a follow-up order, the order must be shipping to the exact same address as an earlier order submitted or delivered within the previous 7 calendar days. To take advantage of this exception, submit a new order and include four ribbon caddies (J-005) to bypass the minimum order requirement. Be sure the part of your order that you want to keep totals $25 or more. We will remove the ribbon caddies before processing your payment. Immediately after checkout, email to us ( ) your previous order number, ask us to remove the ribbons caddies (if you do not want them), and ask for the exception. Any setup fees still apply.

The exception for follow-up orders, described above, is the only exception to the normal minimum order requirements. There are no other exceptions to the minimum order requirements.

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