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Black Marble Finish, Classic, Award Plaque
Build your own plaque. Choose plaque size and plate colors. If you like, you may include an image for no additional charge. (For a case in which we must develop/refine the image, a $50/hour art labor charge would apply). Pictured to the left is a Satin Silver back plate, no front plate, sublimation lettering. For this plaque, we recommend black plate on silver plate, or silver on black. Black on red looks good. While there is not any gold color in the grain of this plaque, some of our customers use black on gold; others, gold on black.

There are three options for lettering and image:
  • Sublimation is printing that is pressed into the metal with a heat press. It does not rub off and is easily read. Sublimation is available for silver, gold, and white plates. We normally print in black. But sublimation can be done in full color (white plate only). Images can be black & white, grayscale, or color.
  • Engraving is done with a diamond spindle and is cut into the metal. Engraving is available for silver and gold plates. When you engrave on a silver or gold plate, the engraving is that color (silver or gold) unless you request (after checkout in our customization area) that we will put a chemical oxidizer on the engraving to turn it black. Images must be black & white (no grayscale).
  • With laser engraving, a laser beam cuts just through the enamel surface of the plate. You CANNOT use a laser on silver, gold, or white plates. Lettering and images are gold on marble plate, and silver or gold on other plates (black - gloss, black - matte, blue, red, purple, and green plates). Images must be black & white (no grayscale).

Minimum Order Requirement For Custom Products
This product is a custom product. When ordering one or more custom products, there is a minimum order requirement of at least 150 dollars worth of ANY products in your cart before checkout.  If you are looking for ways to efficiently bring your order up to this minimum requirement, we recommend that you consider products from our "Big Meeting" collection.

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Product ID: D-002
Price:  $16.00
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Use the case that is desired for product (upper case, etc.).
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