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Photo Plaque (Design B)
  • 9" x 12"
  • Holds 5" x 7" photo under plexiglass.
  • Excellent way to recognize individual accomplishment that was achieved in a group context.
  • Select from over 175, high relief, 2" stamped medallion, metal insert discs, in your choice of gold, silver, or bronze. Some insert discs are available in only one or two colors. For inserts for which colors are limited, the available colors are described in brackets in the last drop-down menu below. (We place the insert disc inside the wreath. See image to the left.)
  • Free engraving.
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Product ID: H-005
Price:  $43.50
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Minimum Order Requirement For
"Classic Recognition" Products
This product is part of our "Classic Recognition" collection (product IDs that start with "H-"). When ordering one or more "Classic Recognition" products, there is a minimum order requirement of at least 60 dollars worth of "Classic Recognition" products in your cart before checkout.
The "Insert Disc Subject" drop-down menu provided above includes: Academic Excellence, Academics (Lamp of Learning, Lamp With Scroll, Scholastic Achievement, Achievement Recognition), Achievement Wreath For Engraving, Archery, Art, Arts and Crafts, Auto Antique, Baseball (Batter, Batter and Catcher, Golden Gloves, America's Game), Baseball Little League, Basketball, Baton Twirling, Beauty Queen, Bicycle, Bowling, Boxing, Camping, Canoe, Cats, Cheerleader, Chef, Chess, Coach, Construction, Culinary Arts, Dance (Ballet, Modern Dace, Square Dance), Deer, Diving, Dogs (Dog Show, Bull Dog, German Shepherd), Dogs Obedience, Drama, Eagle, Fencing Foil, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Fire Department, Fireman, Fishing, Football, Football Touchdown, Gavel, Golf, Graduate, Graduation, Gymnastics, Hair Styling, Handshake, Horse Head, Horseshoe, Horse Shoe, Ice Hockey, Justice, Karate, Karate, Lacrosse, Literature, Martial Arts, Medical Caduceus, Military (U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Corps, U.S. Navy), Minuteman, Music (Band, Choir, Classic, Jazz, Lyre, Piano), Painting, Photography, Pigeons In Flight, Police, Pom Pom Girls, Public Speaking (Classic Speaker, Modern Speaker), Rabbits, Reading Achievement, Religion (Cross, Praying Hands, Recognition Religious), Roller Hockey, Rollerblading, Roller Blading, Roller Blades, Rowing, Running (Cross Country Female, Marathon, Track, Runners), Sailing, Sales Auto, Sales Person, Sales Real Estate, Saleslady, Salesman, Science (Einstein, Science Fair), Sculpture, Shooting (38 Cal. Revolver, 45 Cal. Automatic, 9mm Beretta, Rifle Standing, Skeet and Trap, Ski Racing, Soccer, Soccer Goal, Softball, Sports, Star Performer, Swimming, Swimming Freestyle, Television, Tennis, Triathlon, Victory, Winged Victory, Victory Eagle, Volleyball, Waterpolo, World Class Performance, and Wrestling.
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