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Created: 2/17/2005    Updated: 4/11/2008 
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Our customers receive free access to our "Event Planning Resources." This feature is designed to help you find:
  • Meeting advice for many situations.
  • Free online invitations (emailed to your attendees) and local event listings. Tracking, maps, reminders, event ideas, and photo sharing.
  • Free event registration for your event, including ability to collect registration fees.
  • Premium event registration and membership management.
  • Online creation of agency quality multimedia presentations in 15 minutes. Send your multimedia presentations via email, track presentation views, or download them to your hard drive for face to face meetings. Free trial.
  • Stock speeches and toasts to use whole, or as food for thought to help you begin the writing process.
  • Quotations for speeches, toasts, or event promotion.
  • Maps and visitor information for event attendees from out-of-town.
Our "Event Planning Resources" web page is available to our customers via the "My Account" feature.

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